Fully-Customisable Enterprise Technology Platform

Modular, Flexible IoT Devices

IBC3 Smart IoT Devices are designed to be easily configured with a range of input sensors and networking options, along with features for customized edge processing and intelligence, image, video, and audio capture,
external device control, LCD display control, among others.
The devices seamlessly connect with IBC3 Cloud Software to implement end-to-end IoT solutions.

IBC3 Smart IoT Devices offer the following options and features:

Connect Options:
4G, GPRS, WiFi, LAN, Bluetooth, BLE, Serial

Check Options:
GPS, Light/Lux, Temperature, Fuel, Current, Door Sensor, Distance, etc

Control Options:
External Device On/Off, Local Alarms, Local LCD Display Control

Media Capture:
Image Capture, Video Capture, Audio Capture

Edge Processing:
IoT Data Optimization, Edge Decisions, Edge ML, Edge Applications

Remotely Configurable Mobile Reporting Apps

IBC3 Mobile Reporting Apps can be remotely configured with user-specific reporting templates and components and enable Mobile Users to Manage, Update and Report on various resources and work remotely.
Reported data, location and media is integrated with IBC3 Solutions to manage various Work and Resources. Mobile Apps can be fully customized to enhance the Mobility Solution and meet Customer's exact requirements.

IBC3 Mobile Reporting Apps offer the following components:

Configurable Data Forms:
Remotely customizable data capture and work reporting forms.

Work Images, Video & Audio:
Image, video and voice capture for each work activity.

Work Activity:
Remote work activity assignment and activity-wise work reporting.

Location Awareness:
Work and Resource based location tracking

Mobile Scanner:
BLE beacon and barcode capture and tracking.

IoT-Big Data-Machine Learning Platform

Integrated platform to connect, consolidate and process business data from across sources, identify events and exceptions, and automatically generate valuable business information through AI and Machine Learning

Key components of the IoT-Big Data-Machine Learning Platform are:

IoT Data Receiver - Receive business data automatically from various IoT devices

User Data Access - Connect data and media collected by field workforce and system users

External Data Interface - Connect external data sources and upload data files

Big Data Processor - Process data from across sources in real time to generate summaries and alerts

Data Storage and Retrieval - Store and access business data and information quickly, easily and reliably

AI/Machine Learning - Custom machine learning with image/video ML, real-time cloud ML, edge ML options

Dashboard and Application Platform

Configurable Platform to Develop Business Applications with GIS based User Interface,
Select and Search, Query and Edit Screens, Media, Documents, Alerts and Reports

Features supported by the Business Application Development Component are:

Plot the GIS Locations and Maintain Key Information about various Business Locations

Maintain Information for Vehicles, Equipments, People and Assets

Design and Develop GIS based Create, Edit and Query Screens

Media - Image, Video & Voice Upload and Maintenance

Document Management and Activity Information Management

Create Search and Selection option with Queries and Reports