Resource Monitoring Products for the Enterprise

Mobile Field Reporting

Centrally Monitor all your Field Workforce

Maintain Field Workforce Leave and Attendance Remotely

Record and Monitor Time and Expense from the Field

Assign Activity Request and Capture work status details

Capture and Analyse Field and Market Data and Media Information

Attach Inspection Camera and capture linked media clips

Transport & Logistics

Centrally Track Transport Vehicles to Improve Utilization

Capture and Attach Images and Documents to view them Remotely

Schedule and Monitor Route Progress to ensure Timely Arrival and Delivery

Monitor Vehicle/Storage Conditions to Minimize Perishable Cargo Wastage

Assign Delivery Request and Update Delivery Status

Track and Monitor Cargo Status and Movement

Capture Road Condition, Fuel Top-Up and Transport Activities

IoT Digital Signage

Remotely upload and update promotional content at advertising displays

Schedule display content playlists including by time-of-day, day-of-week, etc

Monitor displayed media runtime centrally

Get alerted for display misuse and incorrect media across the network

Analyse runtime performance by location, category, region, type, etc

View and manage large scale display networks on the IBC Cube GIS and graphical dashboard

Roll out solution with multiple implementation options including external HDMI devices, integrated display units, small format displays, and optional 4G, GPS and BLE connectivity

Smart IoT Camera

Monitor remote places of business including offices, retail spaces, warehouses, etc, easily search history, and view daily/weekly/monthly image progress reports

View downloadable images and video clips from multiple locations on a single dashboard

Monitor remote outdoor sites with minimal infrastructure with Smart Outdoor Cameras with inbuilt GPS and 4G and optional solar power

Monitor vehicle passenger and cargo compartments and windscreen view with location and speed information with Smart Vehicle Cameras

Monitor field service work and inspections with helmet or chest mounted Smart Inspection Cameras

Scale to an unlimited number of locations without additional infrastructure

Receive event-driven images and videos with optional IoT sensor monitoring, BLE beacon scanning and Machine Learning

Industrial IoT

Monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, smoke/fire, etc at places of business including offices, factories, farms, retail points, storage facilities, etc

Monitor equipment utilization, operating conditions, location, and other sensor inputs remotely on a GIS and graphical dashboard

Monitor display unit on/off status, light levels and other sensor inputs for product display units, glowsign displays, billboards and other advertising units

Monitor power availability and usage, fuel levels and battery charge status for mains, generators and batteries centrally

Be alerted of low utilization, incorrect conditions, and other sensor anomalies immediately

Analyse utilization, conditions history and other sensor data to gain valuable business insights

Customize and configure IoT solutions for specific areas of business value by connecting a range of sensors

IBC3 Resource Monitoring Implementations