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Centrally schedule, monitor and manage your vehicles with
IBC Cube Passenger & Goods Vehicle Transport Solutions

The IBC Cube Passenger & Goods Vehicle Transport Solution is a customisable mobile and GPS device-based application that allows you to manage your vehicle fleet in real-time, no matter where you are or they are. It is a part of the IBC Cube Integrated Technology Platform that uses the Connect-Check-Control Model to help you manage and streamline all your business resources. Using a combination of Cloud, Mobile and IoT technology, IBC Cube provides a wide range of tools that are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to stay up-to-date with all business activities from a single integrated dashboard.
and Flexible

Custom business locations and routes

Alert and exception customisation

Mobile form customisation

Custom reports and analytics

Quick, Simple
and Scalable

Easy-to-use mobile app and GPS device options

Rapid search, filter and assignment for dispatchers

Scale to 1,000's of vehicles

Rapid solution implementation
Just customise and go live.

Logistics Module
Vehicle & Driver Information

Driver profile, details and documents

Vehicle details, images & documents

Route & Schedule Assignment

Route creation with checkpoints and ETA

Schedule creation with vehicle assignment

Tasks, Dispatch & Arrival

Task assignment to driver mobile

Mobile dispatch and arrival updates

Mobile Incident & Expense

Mobile expense claim with image & location

Incident reporting with image & location

Vehicle IoT & GPS Tracking
GPS & Mobile Location Tracking

GPS location movement and speed tracking

Mobile and variety of GPS device options

In-vehicle Cloud Camera

Real-time in-vehicle and dash image & video

Single portal dashboard for all vehicles

IoT Sensor Monitoring

Detect cargo temperature and conditions

Detect door / hatch open history

In-vehicle Display Network

Remotely play promotion and info videos

Playback reports & analysis by location

IBC3 Resource Monitoring Implementations