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IBC Cube Smart City Solutions

IBC Cube Smart City Solutions utilize the latest technologies to provide customisable smart governance solutions. They are a part of the IBC Cube Integrated Technology Platform that uses the Connect-Check-Control Model to help manage and streamline all organizational resources. Using a combination of Cloud, Mobile and IoT technology, IBC Cube provides a wide range of tools that are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to stay up-to-date with all business activities from a single integrated dashboard.
and Scalable

Fully customisable applications

Custom reports and analytics

Customised IoT and Machine Learning

Rapid solution implementation

Roll out at any scale

Multiple Technologies
On One Platform

Single Integrated Platform

Efficient Web Applications

IoT Sensor Monitoring

Cloud Camera

IoT Display

Mobile Reporting Apps

Cloud Camera Solutions
Public Places Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

Project Progress Monitoring

Public Assets Monitoring
Public Information Display
Traffic & Transport Information Display

Weather & Environment Information Display

Public Messages Information Display

Public Advertising Display
City Work Management
City Workforce Information

Leave and Attendance

Work Request & Assignment

Remote Work Reporting
Resident Interaction
Resident Communication & Notification

Survey, Feedback and Census

Resident Incident & Greivance Reporting

Public Services Information
Transport & Logistics
Passenger Transport System

Public Cab Aggregator

Goods Transport & Logistics

Road & Traffic Management System
IoT and Sensor Monitoring
Air Quality & Environment Monitoring

Equipment Monitoring

Power & Solar Energy Monitoring

Fuel and Water Monitoring

IBC3 Resource Monitoring Implementations