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IoT and mobile-based equipment utilisation monitoring & analysis using
IBC Cube Equipment & Machinery

IBC Cube Equipment and Machinery Monitoring solutions provide a solution for operators of manufacturing and construction to monitor and analyse their equipment operation using IoT and Mobile technologies. It is a part of the IBC Cube Integrated Technology Platform that uses the Connect-Check-Control Model to help you manage and streamline all your business resources. Using a combination of Cloud, Mobile and IoT technology, IBC Cube provides a wide range of tools that are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to stay up-to-date with all business activities from a single integrated dashboard.
and Flexible

Customised equipment connect

Alert and exception customisation

Mobile form customisation

Custom reports and analytics

Quick, Simple
and Scalable

Easy-to-use mobile app and IoT device options

No on-premise IT infrastructure or personnel

Scale to 1,000's of machinery

Rapid solution implementation
Just customise and go live.

Operator Module
Operator Profile, Time & Attendance

Operator profile, details and documents

Clock in, clock out & attendance capture

Production & Runtime Reporting

Equipment start / end reporting checklist

Output & production reporting

Maintenance & Service Reporting

Service, maintenance & parts request

Mobile maintenance activities update

Incident Reporting

Incident / malfunction reporting with image

Resolution assignment and workflow

IoT Equipment Monitoring
Utilisation, Runtime & History

Real-time operation detection & runtime

Single portal dashboard for all equipment

Load & Conditions Monitoring

Equipment load / power monitoring

Operating temperature, humidity & conditions

GPS & Sensor Tracking

Equipment GPS location and history

Custom sensors incl. fuel, vibration, etc

Cloud Camera Monitoring

Monitor asset, controls & instrumentation

Single portal dashboard for all machinery

IBC3 Resource Monitoring Implementations