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Centrally schedule, assign and track assets, cargo and deliveries with
IBC Cube Cargo and Asset Management

The IBC Cube Cargo and Asset Management Solution is a customisable mobile and IoT device-based solution that allows you to manage your cargo, deliveries and assets in real-time. It is a part of the IBC Cube Integrated Technology Platform that uses the Connect-Check-Control Model to help you manage and streamline all your business resources. Using a combination of Cloud, Mobile and IoT technology, IBC Cube provides a wide range of tools that are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to stay up-to-date with all business activities from a single integrated dashboard.
and Flexible

Custom business locations and rotues

Alert and exception customisation

Mobile form customisation

Custom reports and analytics

Quick, Simple
and Scalable

Easy-to-use mobile app and IoT device options

Rapid search, filter and assignment for dispatchers

Scale to 1,000's of vehicles

Rapid solution implementation
Just customise and go live.

Cargo Activities Module
Delivery Order & Assignment

Delivery order request with location

Delivery order assignment to driver

Loading & Unloading

Mobile material loading/unloading update

Update with location and weightslip image

Movement & Delivery

Cargo / Asset movement across locations

Delivery reporting with image & signature

Cargo Activity Reports & Analysis

Cargo / Asset status & movement reports

Loading and delivery execution analysis

Cargo / Asset IoT Tracking
Cargo / Asset Information

Cargo / Asset details, images & specs

Cargo / Asset location & movement history

BLE Beacon Cargo Tracking

BLE beacon tagging of cargo / assets

Beacon-based location & movement

RFID, Barcode & QR Code Tagging

Cargo / Asset RFID, barcode & QR code tagging

Tag scan-based assignment & movement

Cargo Areas Cloud Camera Monitoring

Real-time image & video of storage locations

Single portal dashboard for all locations

IBC3 Resource Monitoring Implementations