Connect, Check and Control all Business Resources

IBC3 Digital ERP developed using the latest digital technology offers simple easy to use Cloud based
(SaaS) Solution to manage various business resources and operations efficiently.
Build on an integrated multi technology solution framework the Application can be easily and quickly customised to meet the customer’s business and operational requirements. The Solution provides collaborative and visibility features for organizations to manage their own resources and also sub-contracted or vendor resources.

IBC3 Digital ERP offers the following Functionalities:

IBC3 Admin Solution
for Office Administration

Maintain Information on Customer, Vendor and other Partners, Manage Documents like Contracts, Bills, Product Info etc., Monitor Asset Movement and Tracking using Bar/QR Code, RFID or Beacon Tagging, Implement Remote Media Surveillance with Image, Video and Voice.

IBC3 HRM Solution
for Human Resource

Maintain Employee Information with Data, Documents and Images,
Record Attendance with Location, Image and Time, Capture and Authorize Expenses and Employee / Workforce Payment.

IBC3 Workforce Solution
for Field Workforce

Workforce Monitoring using GPS Location and Media Tracking, Schedule Work Shifts and Travel, Assign Work to Workforce, Update Work Status and Field Data, Location and Media.

IBC3 CRM Solution
for Sales and Marketing

Manage Product Information, Status and Movement, Capture and Assign Sales Leads & Enquiries to Salesperson, Record Sales Activity with Data, Media & Signature, Capture and Execute Sales Order.

IBC3 Service Solution
for Service and Maintenance

Manage Equipment Information, Status and Maintenance, Manage Service Contract with SLA and Other Terms of Service, Capture and Assign Service Requests, Record Service Activity with Data, Media & Signature.

IBC3 Delivery Solution
for Transport and SCM

Maintain Vehicle Information, Status and GPS Tracking, Manage Cargo Information with Bar/QR Code, RFID or Beacon Tagging, Capture and Assign Delivery Requests, Record Delivery with Data, Media and Signature.

IBC3 Finance Solution
for Billing and Accounts

Capture Invoice with GST, TDS and Receipts,
Capture Supplier Invoices with Images and Payments, Capture and Match GST Input Credits with Purchase Invoices, Field Accounting to Record Financial Transactions with Data, Media and Signature.

IBC3 Portal Solution
for Customer Collaboration

Provide Mobile option for Customers to Place Sales Order and Track its Status, Place Service Order and Track Status, Place Delivery Order and Track its Status,
Maintain Membership Program and Profile with option for Loyalty Points.

Cloud-based modular, scalable and fully customizable SaaS modules

IBC3 Resource Management has options to maintain various Resource Information with document management,
business location maintenance and system administration including user maintenance with visibility and access.
All modules provide functionalities for dashboard tracking, exception and event management, reporting and analysis.
The modules can be easily customized to meet customer's exact requirements.

IBC3 offers the following Resource Management Modules:

IBC3 Control

Capture remote sensor data like fuel, power, temperature, smoke, etc.
at regular intervals and identify exceptions and generate notifications and also control the operation of the connected equipment if required. Compute equipment runtime, fuel consumption and maintain fuel top up records. Generate and process service request and workflow.
Maintain output and consumption records. Generate reports and review and analyse history data.

IBC3 Tracking

Capture the remote resources location at regular intervals and track it on a map-based GIS dashboard with provision for historical movements. Monitor speed and stoppage and generate over speed and oper stoppage alerts. Automatically track movement and delivery in reference to route and schedule and generate arrival and departure alerts.
Generate movement reports and analyse distance, delivery, stoppage and movement time.

IBC3 Tagging

Using Beacon, RFID or Barcode, uniquely tag various resources and monitor their movement or availability at various locations. Provide provision for connecting to boom barrier and door access with vehicle and people access verification. Maintain leave and attendance for workforce. Identify exceptions and generate late arrival, early departure and overstay alerts. Generate movement reports and analyse movement, attendance, leave and working time.

IBC3 Surveillance

Capture remote images and video (network permitting) from within various locations, vehicles and sites
at periodic intervals. Attach images to various resources, time and locations to easily review images of events and specific time. Provide dashboard to view multiple resource images and also browse images for any remote resource online in real time.

IBC3 Display

Display video or other media content at remote LCD/LED/TV or other Display device. Manage remote display content by region, department, location, time or other parameter with the central cloud-based GIS dashboard. Identify exceptions like non-connection of display device, wrong content, etc. Generate runtime reports and analyse content-wise runtime.

IBC3 Reporting

Mobile-based work reporting with data, voice, image, video and location information. Connect data to various resources and reporting people to record various information and events. Provide workflow and status update for various resources and their activities. Identify various reporting exceptions. Generate reports and analyse various reported KPI and work data.

Smartphone-based configurable mobile applications.

The IBC3 Mobile Apps enables Mobile Users to Manage, Update and Report on various Resources and work remotely.
The Mobile data, location and media is integrated with IBC3 Solutions to manage various Work and Resources.
The Mobile App can be fully customized to enhance the Mobility Solution and meet Customer's exact requirements.

IBC3 offers the following Mobile App components

IBC3 Mobile Tracker:
GPS and network location tracking.

IBC3 Mobile Data:
Template based data capture and report.

IBC3 Mobile Media:
Image, video and voice capture and report.

IBC3 Mobile Activity:
Alert and Work Activity with status update.

IBC3 Mobile Scanner:
Beacon and barcode capture and movement.

Modular and flexible remote monitoring and control devices.

IBC3 Smart Devices seamlessly connect with IBC3 Solutions using GPRS, 3G or LAN to implement the
IoT platform and capture various data and information automatically from the remote resources.
The devices has a modular design which can be easily customized to implement customer specific IoT Solutions.

IBC3 offers the following Smart Devices

IBC3 Sensor Device:
Sensor based operation control and safety.

IBC3 VTS Device:
GPS based location tracking and movement.

IBC3 Tag Device:
Beacon / RFID based asset monitoring.

IBC3 Media Device:
Remote video and content display.

IBC3 Camera Device:
Image and video based remote surveillance.